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*BestLine Racing True Ceramic Coating Kit

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Racing Additives

*BestLine Racing True Ceramic Coating Kit


Customers Say 'It's Super Easy To Apply!'

Manufactured by BestLine Racing, LLC - Made in the USA


It's designed to be Applied to Hot or Cold Surfaces. No other coating does that.

Utilizing the latest in nano-SiO2 technology, True Ceramic Coating is available in a small, easy and affordable size, that’ll get your car protected and nearly self-cleaning for up to 16 months.

Some other companies talk about their new "hybrid" ceramic coating. What that means is that they are diluting or minimizing on the True Ceramic Properties and making a cheaper less effective product.

What you get from us is a True Ceramic Coating that lasts! 

Treats up to 4 cars

One 4 oz bottle treats up to 6 cars. Sold in 1 bottle packages. Keeps your car or truck cleaner longer. Mud and Snow just slide off. 


Includes the following: 
  1. 4 oz bottle of True Ceramic Coating with atomizer sprayer. 
  2. Sponge applicator 
  3. Microfiber towel 

True Ceramic Coating is made by us in the USA and is a multi-layer-able, clear, liquid ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, durable yet flexible glass shield. True Ceramic Coating can be described as an additional hard clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties and contains a high measure of SiO2. 

  • Hard Si02 Coating ( highest quality ) 
  • It can be applied on hot surfaces. 
  • Creates a clean clear ceramic coating
  • Deep color mirror-like finish
  • Apply to paint finishes
  • Use on wheels and chrome surfaces to add additional shine and long-lasting protection. 

Made in the USA

Instructions and Application Guide


  • A CERAMIC COATING YOU CAN DO YOURSELF – After years of developing high-performance chemicals, we have created a user-friendly DIY True Ceramic Coating that can be applied with a simple squeeze of the trigger!
  • FAST AND SIMPLE  TRUE CERAMIC COATING! – Ceramic coatings take time to apply and are usually difficult and applied by a professional. True Ceramic Coating is different. Now you can add hardness and high-gloss to your finish with the ease of a spray!
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE FINISH – True Ceramic Coating is a liquid ceramic formula, it creates a deeper, darker, beautiful clear finish on all paint colors, chrome trim, and aluminum. 
  • SUPER HYDROPHOBIC PROTECTION – True Ceramic Coating surface repels water, reducing the risk of water spots and calcium deposits and allows you to dry your wet car quickly. 
  • DURABLE HARD FINISH THAT OUTLASTS ALL OTHERS  True Ceramic Coating protects against UV rays, water spots, brake dust, dirt, pollutants, salts and grime for up to 14 months, keeping your car looking great! 
  • TRUE CERAMIC COATING – The ceramic coating protection fills in surface imperfections and leaves behind a smooth, uniform, super-hard surface! A hyper smooth surface will not let anything stick to it. Making it easy to rinse off dirt, debris, tree sap, and bird droppings. 

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